~felling good today~

I finally got to see my therapist after not seeing in about 4 month’s. I really think that the session went good. I know that I’m not going miss anymore appointments because, I can’t go that long again not seeing her. I also saw my psychiatrist and that also went well. Now all my meds are straightened up…😀
I hope that everyone has a great day!


6 thoughts on “~felling good today~”

  1. Glad your appts are straightened back out & med [re-]regulated. I hope things continue to look up for you.

    That’s one things I’ve thankfully never had to deal with, but is also something I don’t understand: reducing and/or cutting off therapy [typically only towards those who struggle with BPD] as though it’s supposed to “teach a lesson” and ‘set boundaries’ of sorts. But especially, when one with BPD already so terribly fears abandonment, I don’t see how it’s a conducive “therapeutic method.” Tbh, if that ultimatum were given to me & therapy cut off for X amt of sessions/time in order to make me ‘realize the value’ of therapy, I’d just say F- it altogether and wouldn’t return to him/her (nor ever to any therapist whatsoever bc of the deeply rooted fears to be basically thrown in my face, like my Mental Illness/my life is some sort of a game). So I commend you on returning & trusting him/her enough to begin once again.

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