Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone 🙂
Hey, I hope that you all have a great day with who ever your spending your day with…

I’m alone today, what a day to spend by your self. I’m used to it, I don’t have a b/f and my family lives about 1 hour away…and I know there not taking any time away from there day to come visit me…I may talk with my son later that will be a plus 🙂

I’m really not a Valentine’s Day fan it’s been for ever since I got any thing special so it’s just another day…
Hugs to all


5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. I apolgize for not getting back to you before now. I have been really struggling for a long time. This is the first weekend in a long time I feel mentally happy.

  2. I’ve got no boyfriend or love interest to spend Valentine’s Day with. I have got some messages from guys but they are living like 10,000 miles away from me so not really very exciting. I did spend the day with my closest friend who’s mother has just died and I drove her to a hospital quite a way away to see another friend. It was a wonderful day. I’m a selfish person but I’m aware and working on it and it’s great to do something for someone else. I also wasn’t going to go to her mother’s funeral as it was going to be so expensive to get there. But I felt terribly guilty when I saw my friend today and just booked all the flights. I am just a tiny bit obsessed with my blogging, it’s my new addiction after giving up cocaine, alcohol, bulimia, OCD and self-harm. But it’s important to do the right thing and help other people as well as focusing on your own interests. http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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