First day of DBT group (1/21/16)

I can say that I actually made it today to D. B .T. group, and made it through the 2 hours that it lasted. I wasn’t going to go, but I made myself get up and go. I know that I need to. It’s been about 2 months since I have

been to seen my therapist, and she’s the leader of the group I better go. I just hate the first few weeks of the group because it’s just getting to know others, filling out paperwork,and going over rules. It’s really boring those days,especially when you’ve been going to D.B.T. for about 8 years. I can pretty much help run the group if I wanted to. Which a couple years ago I did help her, but this past 2 years have just gone down hill and I don’t care about anything anymore. I really hate having BPD because it’s messed up my life.
I’m going to try my hardest and get back on track, my goal is to complete this group!!!
The last 2 groups that I have went to I couldn’t complete it. So this is a good goal . I need to refresh my skills that I have learned in the past groups because they have helped a lot before. I could really use them now. I’m sure dealing with a lot and anything can help right now.
Thanks for reading 🙂
~Heather ~


9 thoughts on “First day of DBT group (1/21/16)”

  1. I have bipolar disorder and some borderline from my father’s side of family. I want to take DBT. I wrote an article about DBT. I wonder how much your copay is and where in your town you take it.

    1. Hello,
      I live in Terre Haute, IN. As for my copay it’s completely covered by my insurance. Can I ask why your asking? It’s okay that you are, I was just wondering. I’m going to have to go read your article now…;)

  2. how has borderline screwed up your life? I’m curious. In my Dad’s case, his abuse of his two wives had led to them wanting to get back at him….after a long time. Both wives have been unfaithful in a quest to find unconditional love and approval. I can see why they did it but feel sorry for Dad. The only thing between me and DBT is money right now. I did a research story on it for NewLifeOutlook Bipolar read the original book CBT by Linehan and think it could help me with certain faulty thoughts and fear/guilt driven behavior that results in misplaced priorities, loads of stress, Etc.

    1. When my son was 7 yrs old. I lost custody to him, due to my mental illness (BPD). My son now is going to be 16yrs old in March. I missed a lot of him growing up. Now he still doesn’t really understand. So I blame it all on my BPD.

  3. Hi Heather 🙂 sorry to read that you’ve struggled with BPD. I haven’t properly tried DBT yet, have you found it helpful or is it a waste of time, I’m in other types of therapy but considering joining a group. It might be nice just to meet other people with BPD. I look forward to reading your blog.

    1. DBT is a great group, I’ve been going to DBT groups for the past 8 years. They are very helpful when you put yourself to it and want to learn.
      I’m just going through a rough time now, but its going get better I just have to put work into it.

      1. Heather, how did this round of DBT fair out for you? Were you able to complete it as you’d hoped & planned to??

        I’ve never had the opportunity to try DBT. It’s not offered anywhere within 3+hrs of the small, rural area I live. I have read up on it & have a workbook or two directly re: DBT, but haven’t forced myself to get into any of those (or the myriad of other workbooks I have, either). Just getting up, going to therapy & dealing with there what comes up is hard enough in itself, plus then having to return home & deal/”cope” with things t/here too, with little to zero support. I try to keep up with journaling regularly, even if it’s just nonsensical ramblings or scribbles, in order to try “getting things out” so-to-speak, instead 9f taking them out on myself (which is typically my “go-to” method, especially during difficult times as things have been lately).

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